Wood selection

Recently I started a series about wood that’s used for guitar building. I’m gonna cover some interesting aspects and ideas there but now I guess it’s time to say something about the guitar I’m building. The choice of wood may not be surprising: it’s pine.

So, why did I decide to go with pine wood? Many guitar builders and luthiers say that pine is just a piece of shit and shouldn’t ever be used as a material for guitar body. Although their explanation is usually full of “wisdom” it’s simply not true.

I’ll cover that in details in one of my future posts but for now let me say just that:

  • there are many different kinds of pine and some of them are “better” and some are “worse”
  • in case of electric guitar so called “tone wood” is actually less important than you may think it is
  • there are many guitars around built out of pine wood, there’s even a term “Pinecaster” that’s used to describe Telecaster DIY clones made out of pine.
  • pine is lightweight and is easy to work with; it’s also cheap and widely available which makes it a reasonable choice for the first DIY build

My pine (I’ll share photo soon) is well dried and in a great condition. It’s “seasoned” for over 20 years in a dry place so it’s perfectly prepared already to be cut into shape and finished. An amount of that material that I currently got at hand would make at least 3 guitar bodies so even if I screw up my first one I’ll be able to continue using the same material.

Hopefully though I won’t screw up and instead of building one guitar three times I’ll be able to built three of them. Let’s see how it goes then 🙂