Who the hell is Martha?

Today Martha was born” – I wrote here. It’s not that hard to guess that “Martha” is the name I gave to my first hand build DIY guitar. The question is however: why?

There was a few Marthas in my life. I met some girls of that name but none of them is the reason. They all were fantastic and I’m sure they wouldn’t mind if I used that name to honor them. That’s not the case though.

You see, along with my first attempts to play a guitar came a music discovery. I found out about Tom Waits and immediately became fascinated. The last song on his first album (side A of the vinyl issue) is a beautiful piece titled “Martha”. I still think that’s one of the best songs of Waits and, quite frankly, one of the best songs ever written. No doubt, it’s my most favorite song ever.

What other name could I give to my first guitar build then?

And those were the days of roses,
Poetry and prose and Martha
  All I had was you and all you had was me.
  There was no tomorrows,
  We’d packed away our sorrows
  And we saved them for a rainy day.

  And I remember quiet evenings
  Trembling close to you.”

I’m a man full of feelings. Feelings overtake my common sense too often. And “Martha” is a deeply emotional piece of poetry. And so are guitars. All the guitars.

Including those not built yet.