What’s on Bench? #2

It’s been quite a long time since I posted here recently. It’s certainly not a good thing for a blog but it turned out to actually be good for my “bench”. Time for a little summary then.

In a previous (and first at the same time) “What’s on Bench?” post, I planned to keep this “series” regular and “organized” so all the projects would fall into 3 categories: current, on hold, coming soon. I know now that it’s not gonna work this way. So, this is one of the changes to this site (more changes about to come soon!): “What’s on Bench?” is not gonna be a “scheduled series” anymore but, like everything else here, just a bunch of posts published whenever I feel “in a mood” 🙂 I’m not going to maintain any “structure” here as well.

That pretty much sums the changes up so let’s get to the point:

1. All the projects, including “Martha” with which all this started, are currently postponed  and will stay “on hold” for an unknown period. They are not cancelled, they didn’t fail and I didn’t quite on them. It’s just that life goes on and priorities are changing. Mostly, however, this happens because of the events described below.

2. Previously I wrote:

I’m also following an auction for some other old polish guitar – actually only a bare body and neck. If I’ll bid well and get it, it’s gonna be a beautiful guitar in future.

I placed a winning bid and I got it. It’s a cool, old Polish guitar from about mid-70’s. Maybe even older but I got no way to find out about exact production date because there’s no any label or serial number. I only know that last  copies were made around 1976. It cannot be younger then.

The thing is in a very mixed condition. It’s actually only a neck and the body (separate) with no pickups, wiring, bridge and any other hardware. There are scratches and cracks, the finish is totally damaged and it’s definitely over-dried. It is, however, a beautiful guitar at the same time and I really wanted to have it and bring it back to life. So, this is a big project for 2018. Right after New Year’s Eve I’m starting a “humidity treatment” to bring the wood back to a good condition and proper humidity and after that (it will take anywhere from 3-4 weeks up to half a year, depending on how dry it really is and how will it react to humidification) a repair/refurbish/make over works will start.

3. I had some parts lying around. It’s a common syndrom among guitar “diy’ers” to start building around some part(s) insstead of “building on purpose”. It’s like that: you put your hands on something and some irresistible vision comes to your head. You just know that something’s gonna be born out of that piece (may it be a scrap of wood, a pickup, anything). This happened to me to and I’m almost at the finishing line. I’m not going to go into details now (it’s not gonna be long this time, believe me) because this case taught me that the less I speak about “what’s on bench”, the more I do. I didn’t write about this guitar and I didn’t even take many photos during the process. But at least I’m nearly done with it 🙂 So, once it’s finished I’ll start a “build diary” series about it and move on to other projects but I’ll probably be posting about them mostly afterwards, apart from some small updates on a progress maybe.

That’d be pretty much all for now.  I’ll probably post one or two more posts this year and then the site’s gonna go through a major redesign.