What’s on Bench? #1

It’s been around a year already since I started this site. At first, it was supposed to be a “build diary” of my first ever diy electric guitar. As always, things went their own way. It’s time to recap what’s going on.

This is the first post of the new “What’s on Bench?” series. Not that I came up with this idea by myself but I kind of like it. Some readers might find it interesting but it’s also a great way for me to set my plans and current works in order. I was always a “disorganized person” if it comes to my free time activities so I hope this is gonna help a bit.

Each of these posts is going to be split in to three sections, reflecting the status of the given projects: “current” – things that I’m working on at the time, “on hold” – things that I started but I temporarily paused due to various reasons and “coming soon” – which may include already well established plans but also some ideas that might turn into reality orĀ  die.



This project was initially named “CCCR” which is sort of a playword. It’s a diy conversion of an old (and crappy) accoustic guitar to a “dog bowl resonator guitar”. The original donor was an old thing manufactured in Soviet Union. An acronyme of a full name of the country back then – written using cyrylic – would be “CCCP”. My idea was to treat those cyrylic characters as our latin characters and then replace “P” (which in cyrylic is actually “R”, for “respublik” meaning “republic”) with latin “R” for “resonator”.

However, when I started this blog I decided to call them all using femine names. That meant that I had to find a proper name for this one too, so it became “Masha”.


If it comes to name, that’s an exception. I’m going to keep original names for all restored/renewed guitars. It’s an old Polish semi-hollow piece. The makeover is actually finished and it’s now a fuly usable, playable, nice sounding jazz guitar (originally called “Defil Jazz”). The only thing that’s left is a backplate and a small cover plate for a 3-way pickup switch. That’s no more than 2-3 hours of work so I”m gonna complete it soon.


It doesn’t sound like a name of a pretty girl, does it? Well, it is actually a femine name and is a short and aliteration for “Borg The Queen”. The consctruction and details of this guitar – which is gonna be made from scratch except the “fenderish” (strat or tele) neck – are so far “secret” but it’s going to be something very different to what you have seen so far. And breaking pretty much all possible guitar building/luthiery rules.

On hold:


The one that everything started from. A glued body blank and nearly carved neck are waiting for their time.


Coming soon:


I got a nice accoustic that I bought a couple of months ago. It’s got some scratches on top that I need to repair. I’m also gonna put some active electronics in it – piezo under the bridge and preamp (factory made).

I’m also following an auction for some other old polish guitar – actually only a bare body and neck. If I’ll bid well and get it, it’s gonna be a beautiful guitar in future.


photo: own work/copyrights reserved