What about Cigar Box Guitar?

Building a “real” electric guitar was obviously my goal number one. But I’ve always been a huge fan of cigar box guitars and I wanted to build some too. I wasn’t ready yet, I still got so many plans for full size, 6 stringers. Well, the fate likes to play jokes on you…

Since I finished my previous guitar some time ago this year, I wasn’t doing much in that area. I did start another build but I put it on hold. Work, appartment renovation and travelling are just one side of the story. Another one is that I developed a full-featured RSI. RSI stands for Repetitive Strain Injury and for somebody who is both working in IT and building (and playing) guitars at the same time, it’s a disaster.

Iny my case it’s more than “just” a Carpal Tunnel syndrome. It’s a combination of a Carpal Tunnel, Tendinitis and hell knows what else. Basically, from time to time – pretty unexpectedly – my entire arm gets struck with an electric lightning. Well, it doesn’t get struck in reality but it feels like that. It’s an incredible pain and then numbness.

So, working with power tools or even manual-but-sharp tools is a bit dangerous. And, to be honest, quite painful. It’s getting better now but for obvious reasons I’m avoiding any “physical work” that would involve my right hand/arm (and I’m right-handed). Therefore my next electric guitar, as well as other projects, are on hold. I need to focus on recovering and a condition of my arm.

Yet, I can’t do nothing. Like I wrote some posts ago, once you start, you cannot stop. You become a junkie. Addicted to building and at some point you get back to it no matter what. Apparently this is the time.

Officially then, the current project is a Cigar Box Guitar. Or, should I say, a Cookie Can Guitar. Because instead of cigar box I’m using a nice cookie can made of brass. Anyway, it’s much easier and less “manually exhausting” to build such guitar so I decided to give it a go. It’s also going to take significantly less time than my last build and I got a reason for that 🙂

It’s a strong motivation and something that might turn out to be really interesting at the same time. What do I mean?  The cover photo of this post shows very cool Original Flatpup pickups by Elmar Zeilhofer. They are kind of a Holly Grail in a CBG world. I met Elmar in Vienna earlier this year and we talked a lot. He’s a great guy and apart of buying some pickups, I also had a chance to record an interview with him. So, the video is on its way. There’s gonna be one other cool guy from “CBG world” featured but let it remain a suprise 😉

The bottom line is: I’m editing the interview video but I’m still in need for some additional material, mostly for inter-shots. And what could be better for a video about a Cigar Box Guitars’ pickup builder than, well, a video of building a guitar using his pickups?

So here you go. A problem, an explanation, a plan and a strong motivation.

And since I’m in a “video editing mood” I’m also going to create some demo videos of the Jazz guitar that I already described on this blog and my latest build (which is still waiting for its build diary, even though it’s already finished and in use).

Stay tuned folks.


Photo: own work/all rights reserved