Small Change

“Small change got arranged”… Yes, that’s the verse from Tom Waits’ song but this post is not about it. I decided to go for some minor changes on this site so here’s a brief explanation.

The goal of that site was to keep a “build diary” of my first (and hopefully more) guitar but also to share some knowledge on guitar building and write about these guitars that I consider “legendary” or I just love. Or would like to have some day.

While the “diary and knowledge” part stays on the site, I decided to temporarily get rid of guitars’ descriptions. To be honest, I don’t really have much time for that but most of all – I’d like to focus on building my first diy electric guitar.

I should have started “first cuts” around three weeks ago. I developed some sort of a viral infection though and it’s a bit difficult to work with wood when you cough and tremble because of high fever. Like it wasn’t enough, once I got better I found out that I run out of glue and my jigsaw just stopped working. I could have expected this as we are also doing a major makeover in our apartment but anyway, a significant delay occured.

The good thing tho is that I ordered a new bottle of glue (Titebond Original Wood Glue) and after a few days of waiting – I often buy things on the web – the glue has been delivered and I just need to pick it up. I should also get a new jigsaw today and I suppose I’ll also get myself some new rasps and a new load of sanding paper. That’s a “new hope”, kind of 🙂

Getting back to this site:

  • the section about “legendary guitars” is gone but not entirely; I’ll probably bring it back in future
  • the “worksop” and “build diary” sections stay as they were
  • a slight redesign has been made to the post layout (just to make it more “readable”)
  • homepage has been set to work more like a “blog” rather than the “static frontpage”

As for cool guitars. I still share/show them from time to time but I decided to keep that activity entirely on my Facebook fanpage so go on and like it: