Is it GAS and should I cure it?

Should a strongly addicted man seek for help? Is it life-threatening condition? In a guitar world GAS is a serious case. But is it dangerous? Should I cure it?

GAS stands for Guitar Acquisition Syndrome or Gear Acquisition Syndrome. Basically, it means that you’re always buying new stuff. An old joke says:

– how many guitars is enough?

– one more!

But there’s something into it. Every guitarist and guitar collector wants to get “yet another axe”, “yet another overdrive”, “this beautiful pick”, “oh, come on, that’s a legendary instrument, I’ll bring it back to life”…. Every guitarist’s (and collector’s) partner knows that it’s impossible to stop it. There’s a saying: the more you eat, the more appetite you get. This is exactly what happens.

Yes, it is an addiction. And it’s serious. Is it bad? It’s certainly better to be addicted to guitars and guitar gear than to gambling, alcohol or drugs (listen to granpa, kids!).

So, should I cure it? For years I’ve been only nursing GAS in my head, never having enough stomach to start. Granted, I wasn’t always able to afford that too and I was probably too scared of my closest ones (who didn’t really understood that) as well.

Then I started this site and everything changed. I’m a lucky champ because my “better half” understands that. Better yet, she supports me and even helps me. She’s extremely efficient in placing winning – and reasonable – bets at auction sites. Just recently, I have found nice accustic guitar that I thought could be useful as a “replacement parts donor”. It’s not a “high end” piece and if I was to buy it just for playing, I wouldn’t do this, even though you can find reviews on forums that it sounds pretty nice actually and is quite good for beginners and intermediate hobbyists. A new one stands for £150-160 (or around 170-190 Euro). But it has mahogany back and sides!

The only thing that’s damanged is its top. Cracked and dented, I could probably fix it in a day and the guitar would serve me well for long years. All it would take would be some scraps of maple that I already have lying around (free), some glue (free, because I already got it anyway) and a few hours of work (well, that one is not free actually, but I pay myself with that feeling of joy and satisfaction that this work gives me).

I paid $14 for that guitar, including shipping.

I’m finding myself contantly on the hunt for old/interesting/uncommon/vintage/broken guitars and gear. Not that I buy everything, I’m just looking for that “great opportunity”. I can’t help it. I visit “dollar stores” and household appliance stores. I look for anything that can be used, re-used or recycled into guitars or guitar parts everywhere.

I have already built at least 150 guitars. In my head. But that’s good. It’s good to know that you got something to do for the rest of your life. Because I’m gonna eventually build them all in a real world too. A retirement plan of mine.

That’s my addiction. I confess. What’s yours?

Photo credit: BPPrice via Visualhunt / CC BY