How it all begun?

When I was a kid, I dreamt of learning to play any instrument. I lived in a small village and all I could start with was an accordion. I still got it. Haven’t played it for years, didn’t even took it out of its case since 1990 at least! But I still have it and will not ever sell it.

I never thought about a guitar. It was a hot summer night when I fell in love with guitar. Actually, it was a girl that I fell in love with. But she played the guitar. She showed me some basic chords and that summer night over camp fire under the falling stars did its magic.

Teenage love’s long gone. The stars doesn’t shine anymore as bright as the city lights. What’s left though are my guitars. That’s a never ending story.

Being a youngster, I was daydreaming a lot. You know how that is: with age comes wisdom but also a tough reality. Most of us fell into the trap of chasing money, better career and faster cars. I never stopped daydreaming.

One day I woke up with a new dream: I want to build a guitar. I was good with woodworking and I liked it. My grandpa taught me well. I felt like I was able to do this. I bought some nice wood for the neck and then came enlightment. I realized that I know nothing about tone wood and how guitars are built.

Until today, I spent my last 15 years thinking, learning and planning. For last two years I was studying guitar plans and frantically reading all I could find about guitar building over the web. I think I’m ready. That’s Zero Day.

Today “Martha” concept was born.

It will take time. A lot of time until she sings her first note. Come join me in this journey. Let’s walk it through together!