Head or headstock?

The headstock turned out to be the most difficult part to design. Finally though, here it is. But wait, is it a headstock or a head?

While I imagined body shape of my guitar a long time ago, I was not able to come up with any headstock design that would satisfy me. I tried different options and even though a few times I was close to say “hey, that’s it”, something was holding me in place.

Apparently, it’s good sometimes to tell somebody else what you think and feel and then just leave it to that person. So, here’s the first – but defnitely approved – sketch of the headstock my first diy guitar:




That’s just a first drawing and it’s already been promised to me that soon a I should get a final one. There’s even a story behind it (actually, quite obvious if you read my previous posts) so I’ll share it with next image of a headstock.

But for now, what do you think that is?