Gretsch White Falcon. American Legend

I wouldn’t be myself if I started this “showcase” with any other guitar. Don’t ask me please why I do like that one so much. You never know why you fall in love. This is the case.

Gretsch is an American company that has been around for over 130 years. Founded by German immigrant at first Gretsch manufactured drums and tambourines. They were also building banjos so the way from there to their first guitar wasn’t very long.

The real raising of the Gretsch company started in 1916 when Friedrich Jr, who was the son of the founder, moved his workshop to Brooklyn in New York. He quickly built a solid reputation of a decent guitar maker and gain a lot of attention.

Gretsch White Falcon was released in 1954 and soon became the true legend. Since then the guitar had its “ups and downs”: there were long periods when it wasn’t manufactured at all but sooner or later it always returned.

It features

  • spruce archtop and laminated maple neck
  • unique tricolor four-layer binding (sparkling gold, black and white)
  • ebony fretboard with pearl inlays
  • since 1958 truly unique “roller bridge”