Build Diary #6: A Note on Wood

As you may remember, the main wood that I chose was pine. While the body blank is already glued I decided to make a switch.

Recently I aquired a pile of very old and very well preserved spruce. The thickness of the planks is nearly perfect for solid body so while the width of each of them is about half of what I need, the body will be glued out of two pieces. That’s different from the pine one because that one was glued out of four pieces.

The spruce is reclaimed. We’re – and it will take a few months more – doing a major makover of our flat and we had to cut some holes (for doors) in the walls. The building was set around 1934, mostly out of wood. The first floor (on a ground level) has a brick walls but the next two floors are of wood. Back then they usually used 3-4 kinds of wood and spruce was one of them. The tree had to be at least 60-80 years old before it could be cut and then it had to be seasoned for next 10-20. That means that my planks are at least 150 years old currently!

It’s healthy, very dry and quite nice. Spruce is actually widely used for accoustic guitars and I recently seen more and more builders using it not only for tops of electric axes but also for entire bodies. I’ll give it a try. The pine blank will just rest and wait for the next build.


Photo: Howard Huges piloting Spruce Goose/Wikimedia Commons/CC 2.0/by Brace Tuten