Build Diary #2: Cutting, sanding, cutting, drawing…

They say “measure twice, cut once”. I should have known that but was too excited, I think. All in all, the first “body blank” didn’t work. The second one is on it’s way though.

Luckily, I have enough wood not only to start over (except material for neck but it’s already ordered and should be DIY electric guitar building. "Martha" build diary #2delivered soon) but to build a few more bodies. That’s a good part. Even better is that due to the failed first attempt I had to use another piece of wood that’s a bit thicker than previously planned. The guitar body will still be rather thin, most likely around 5-8 milimeters thinner than standard Telecaster body but the piece I used now looks much more solid.

This is important because even though pine (the kind that I’m using) is much harder than it’s commonly believed, it’s also sorto of “brittle”. Because of this I initially thought about glueing the neck in addition to using screws but now I’ll be able to stick to the classing “bolt-on” way (neck screwed with four screws to the body).

The “not so good” part is that this “new” wood is way more rugged. That’s however nothing that a 40 – 80 (changed gradually) grit paper couldn’t help with. So, I gave it some work with a sander and it’s much better now.

Meanwhile, I created (sorry, as I already mentioned I’m not much of a designer) a rough template. It’s already printed full size (1:1) and ready to be sticked to the wood in order to start cutting the shape of the body.

There’s still a long way to go but finally I feel like it’s going somewhere. More news soon 🙂

DIY electric guitar building. Printed templates. "Martha" build diary #2

Photos: own work/All right reserved.