Build Diary #1: Day Zero – wood preparation

Enough dreaming. Time to go from words to deeds 🙂 Knowing (and only I know that) how many years it took me to really make that first and most important step, I’m more than happy to announce that I finally started. First cuts has been made!

Recently I apologized myself for the delay and not starting when I was going to start. However, a full bottle of glue is already here. A brand new jigsaw, some nice rasp files, a bunch of clamps of different sizes, a good’ol hand sanding block and a good supply of a sanding paper (40-320 grit so far) are here as well.

DIY electric guitar. Build Diary - woodWhat you see at the pictures is the wood that I was talking about previously. It’s old, dry and in excellent condition. These pieces are about 1,20 meters long and about 0,26 meter wide so what I did is I cut them in half (in lenght). This gave me four nice pieces of 60×26 centimeters size which are now being glued togather.

Total of three surfaces have to be joined and once this is done, I’m gonna have a perfect blank for a body. As the Titebond Original Wood Glue needs to rest at least 24 hours before glued pieces can be used, I’ll put a full description of what I did so far along with photos in a few days from now (once I got a blank ready for further work).

Meanwhile I’m drawing the template of the body to be printed out on a paper so I could then use it to cut a “real template” out of a piece of scrap playwood that I have somwhere around.

Stay tuned and keep you fingers crossed. Adventure has just begun!