Body Shape. First sketch

I may be full of feelings and even romantic but the guitar won’t build itself. It always start with ideas and it’s time to make these ideas alive.

Pretty much everbody builds first diy electric guitar as a Telecaster clone. I’m not sure why is that so. Is it because it seems to be easy to cut out? Or is it just about its legendary tone and “playability”?

Yes, I’m gonna build one too but not this time. I’ve decided that my very first guitar cannot be a clone in any way. Sure, there are inspirations taken from here and there, including Telecaster. But in case I screwed up I wouldn’t be able to look at myself in a mirror.

What’s even more important is that even though I did not start working with wood yet, I’ve already put so much emotions and efforts into that build that I simply need it to be “just mine”.

Therefore here it is:


This is just a rough sketch but should ilustrate the idea fairly well. I’m not a graphic designer so I used an image that I found on the web to start with and then used to make some changes. It doesn’t look nice (I’m much better with woodworking than with drawing or using PhotoShop – which, by the way, I do not use!) but outlines planned body shape pretty good.

The “top half” of the body is actually the “bottom half” of a classic Telecaster flipped upside down. The “bottom half” was also taken from Telecaster but the cutaway is much deeper and a bit more aggressive. The neck, which is not shown here, will be a bit wider than a standard Fender’s neck and of course the head will be of different shape. I’ll add those sketches to one of upcoming posts.

As most of the planning is done and basic materials are also gathered already, a “Build diary” will also start soon.