author-avatarI’m Adam.

Usually you may find me answering various questions about WordPress at WPMU DEV Support Forums where I work. However, After hours I spend a lot of time reading about guitars, chasing information about rare models or simply browsing pictures of vintage, rare and artisan guitars.

I was playing various intruments since I was the child and although I always enjoyed it, I coudn’t find the one I’d truly love. That was until I discovered guitar. To be perfectly honest, after some time I discoverd that what makes me even more happy is not guitar playing itself but digging deep into the world of how guitars work, how they are made and all that stuff. I still play from time to time though and I bet I’ll do that for the rest of my life even if there’s no slightest chance for me to become next Joe Bonamassa.

So, this site is about vintage guitars, guitar diy and how I am building my own custom “diy style” axes.