#3. Cutting, sanding, planning, fitting…

After totally disassembling that old accoustic Russian (Soviet actually!) guitar, repairing some scratches, cutting the holes and securing the top stability, it was time to move on…

First thing to do was to replace the tuners. Apart from the fact, that originally it was a 7-string instrument, those tuners were really nasty and a bit rusty. For the standard 6-string build I had to re-factor the headstock. Old holes were filled-in with some dowels (beech wood, used for furniture making) and toothpicks, then the excessive dowels were cut off and the thing was sanded.

I also did some lightweight fretwork as frets are in surprisingly good condition.

The nut, which was originally made out of some wood, was totally broken. So, I made a new one using a scrap piece of maple that I had lying around.

Entire guitar was then sanded and I made a plate covering the original soundhole out of the top leftover that I got from cutting out a hole for the dog bowl reso.

The box was then stained. Meanwhile, I worked on what was supposed to be the tailpiece. There was some trials and eventually I decided to stick to only one part of the original idea (that is the metal piece screwed to the body).

I also put the input jack supported by the chrome plate there and drilled some smaller holes for pots, LED and a switch.