handcrafted ~ recycled ~ different

  • 2016/06/13

    Recently I started a series about wood that's used for guitar building. I'm gonna cover some interesting aspects and ideas there but now I guess it's time to say something about the guitar I'm building. The choice of wood may not be surprising: it's pine. So, why did I decide to go with pine wood? Many guitar builders and luthiers say that pine is just a piece of shit and shouldn't ever be used as a material for guitar body. Although their explanation is usually full of "wisdom" it's simply not true. I'll cover that in details in one of my future posts but for now let me say just that: there are many different kinds of pine and some

  • 2016/05/30

    I may be full of feelings and even romantic but the guitar won't build itself. It always start with ideas and it's time to make these ideas alive. Pretty much everbody builds first diy electric guitar as a Telecaster clone. I'm not sure why is that so. Is it because it seems to be easy to cut out? Or is it just about its legendary tone and "playability"? Yes, I'm gonna build one too but not this time. I've decided that my very first guitar cannot be a clone in any way. Sure, there are inspirations taken from here and there, including Telecaster. But in case I screwed up I wouldn't be able to look at myself in a mirror.

  • 2016/05/25

    "Today Martha was born" - I wrote here. It's not that hard to guess that "Martha" is the name I gave to my first hand build DIY guitar. The question is however: why? There was a few Marthas in my life. I met some girls of that name but none of them is the reason. They all were fantastic and I'm sure they wouldn't mind if I used that name to honor them. That's not the case though. You see, along with my first attempts to play a guitar came a music discovery. I found out about Tom Waits and immediately became fascinated. The last song on his first album (side A of the vinyl issue) is a beautiful piece

  • 2016/05/24

    When I was a kid, I dreamt of learning to play any instrument. I lived in a small village and all I could start with was an accordion. I still got it. Haven't played it for years, didn't even took it out of its case since 1990 at least! But I still have it and will not ever sell it. I never thought about a guitar. It was a hot summer night when I fell in love with guitar. Actually, it was a girl that I fell in love with. But she played the guitar. She showed me some basic chords and that summer night over camp fire under the falling stars did its magic. Teenage love's long gone. The