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  • Test fitting, see next post soon :P

    In order to build something new from something old, you often need to destroy it first. And so the destruction derby continues :) Once I disassembled entire guitar, I inspected it to find any scratches and cracks. Those were then fixed using some wood dust, scraps of woods (leftovers from other projects) and Rakol Wood Glue/epoxy (depending on the kind of the fix). After that the time came to cut holes for resonator. The resonator "cone" itself is a funny thing. You can buy "replacement cones" for dobro and other kinds of respohonic guitars but they are extremely expensive and I feel like it'd be a kind of against "DIY spirit". I also like to recycle things so I looked

  • 2017/03/22

    Recently I mentioned that I have found my very first guitar and I'm going to give her a new life. It seems I'm already quite deep into the process :) Originally, that was a 7-string guitar made in USSR. I have no idea how old is that but I got it when I was about 15. So, it's at least 25 years old but my bet is that it's a bit older, around 30 probably. I have no idea what it's made of though I suppose the top is spruce. That's how the wood look like and spruce was/is quite popular and cheap wood in Russia. I'm not sure of that though. Anyway, I decided to convert it to a

  • DIY resonator guitar conversion

    I really thought I'll never see her. Then I just opened a box and there she was. Suddenly, out of the blue, I found her. My very first, very old guitar of which I was sure that she's lost for good. That was a surprise. Hiding inside a long-forgotten cardboard box, she survived over 20 years, not even a slightest trace of dust. I'll be giving her a new life this year by converting her to a diy resonator guitar ("dobro"). I just need to find a nice pet food bowl... photo: Paul Beard/lic. CC2.0/wikimedia